‘Ayur’ (life and longevity) and ‘kula’ (family) is a global community for sharing ideas on wellness, incorporating Ayurveda* and other ancient knowledge systems.

In an era defined by lifestyle diseases, strained food systems, and mental stress, we tie science with ancient wisdom to help humans flourish. Our goal is to seed health and wellness at a community level. We meet periodically for virtual/in person discussions and practice on the mind and body, including nutrition, breath work/meditation.  

Rajat Bhu, Founder

I have been passionate about mind and body wellness since my days in college. As a young adult, I often made trips to the Allahabad railway station on my motor-cycle, slipping a one Rupee coin into the weighing machine to visit a small decrepit book-store on platform number one to add to my collection of books on philosophy, mind, and health.

Over the years I continued to connect the dots between yoga, Ayurveda, natural healing, epigenetics, nutrition, exercise, meditation, and mind. How would half-peeled garlic clove have an entirely different impact on my gut bacteria? Why might multi-strain yogurt not actually work? After my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I discovered the amazing immunity-boosting impact of natural foods. 

Today, my experiential approach combines Western and traditional practices, integrating my knowledge from a series of certificate courses I completed from leading medical universities such as Johns Hopkins, Wageningen, Colorado Boulder, Edinburgh, Stanford and Technion as well as ayurveda from American School of Vedic Studies. My learning has been deeply influenced by my late uncle Prof. G.C Pande, Prof. Subhash Kak, Dr. David Frawley and Prof. Sthaneshwar Timalsina. Their wonderful writings and conversations continue to lead me beyond.

In a previous life, I worked for over two decades in finance, traversing a commercial bank, rating agency, investment bank and hedge fund, both in India and the US. Alongside my business career, I have been involved with various community initiatives, spearheading carbon-footprint reductions and nonprofit donation drives in my town. I have since been using my skills and knowledge to educate and promote nutritional and lifestyle changes for better health. 

The reasons for disease and suffering are not complicated or hidden. If you are ready to introspect, we can begin the journey to better living. Sustainable human health and the future of our planet are closely intertwined. 

As I say in Sanskrit:

“तत्  रक्षति स्वास्थ्य,

रक्षति भू काशिष्यते”

“That which sustains health,

Will sustain the planet”


Dr. Madhumita Krishnan

B.A.M.S, M.D in Ayurveda

Dr. Krishnan is an experienced Āyurveda paediatrician and an expert in Āyurvedic dietetics based in Bengaluru. She believes that an integrative framework holds the keys to future of medicine in general and in understanding the jargonistic area of precision nutrition in particular. She has a special interest in educating mothers about the advantages of Ayurveda techniques in post-natal infant care. Her research interests include management of children with special needs-cerebral palsy, autism etc.

Some fun facts- she is a polyglot, a hiker who can probably beat you at squash and meditate while doing pottery glazes.

Madhumita Krishnan is not a medical doctor or physician. By no means is this to be confused with becoming a medical doctor (MD) in USA which requires a whole other level of training and licensure. Madhumita will only be participating in educational events and workshops.

Dr. Prasan Shankar

B.A.M.S, M.D Ayurveda

Dr. Prasan Shankar, a Charaka awardee, is an Āyurveda Physician working in the Rasayana tantra (Geriatric) unit at the Institute of Āyurveda and Integrative medicine-TDU. He treats various neurological and neurodegenerative disorders like strokes and parkinsonism, arthritis spectrum disorders, supportive and complementary cancer care, supportive cardiac care and other age related problems. He has an interest in doing research around practice and is involved in research related to Āyurvedic management of neurological disorders, cancer and is involved in various research projects. He has an M.D in Pañcakarma and is currently the Medical Director at the Institute of Āyurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore.

Some fun facts: Manchester United is his favorite soccer team and this doting dad is up and about well into Pitta time strumming his guitar if not researching Āyurveda .

Prasan Shankar is not a medical doctor or physician. By no means is this to be confused with becoming a medical doctor (MD) in USA which requires a whole other level of training and licensure. Prasan will only be participating in educational events and workshops.

*Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Indian Vedic “Science of Life”. Ayurveda deals integrally with mind, body and spirit.

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